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* How old are you?
17 or younger
65 or older
* Which of the following best describes your health habits?
I often go on diets, give-in, and then go on a new diet.
I have always had poor eating habits but I want to change them.
I don't want to diet because I like pizza, cookies, and ice cream but if there was a way to eat my favorite foods a little healthier, I could definitely go for that.
I eat healthy most of the time, but I also indulge sometimes (everything in moderation). 
* Which of the following best describes your health goals?
I would like to lose weight.
I don't necessarily need to lose weight, but I would like to feel healthier
I am happy with where I'm at right now with my health.
* List any health apps that you currently use
* If there was an app that recommended on-demand healthy meals to you based on what you are in the mood for, your taste preferences and what you've already eaten that day, would you pay a monthly subscription fee to use it?
Not Sure